Thomas Cirrincione Talks About His Internship

Hi. So my name is Thomas Cirrincione. I had the opportunity to intern last summer of 2020, and then
again, this summer of 2021, and then additionally, in between over winter break of 2020. I’ve made my
rounds. In my summers here as an intern and then my one little stint over the winter, I’ve kind of been a
utility knife, kind of getting my hands on as many different things as I could. Everything from
administrative work to employee benefit audits to year end audits and going out in the field and helping
with inventory counts. My goal was to try and learn as much as I could and get my hands on as many
different aspects of the business as possible. I think I really achieved that through my time here so far.

One thing that I would say was a great takeaway from this experience was learning that everyone here
from the top to the bottom, whether it was a partner who’s planning for retirement, a partner who just
made partner or a full-time staff who just finished their internship and are now on full-time. Everyone
here is there to help you and willing to help and encourages questions, because that means that you’re
learning and that you care.

Something that I will take away from my internship going back to school and this is one reason why I
encourage people to take internships as early as they can, is because you now have these real-life
scenarios and situations that you’ve seen applied to your clients or learned about from your peers.
When you’re going back to school and learning about these situations, it’s a lot easier to understand
them if you understand their context and their application.

So that’s one thing that I would really recommend younger students take into consideration and I will be
bringing back to school with me as well. Throughout my two consecutive summers here, I could still see
how much growth that Cray Kaiser has and is going to have. You could see that evidence through the
managers and the partners and how much they care about recruiting and how much they are asking the
opinions of the younger people and how they want to grow the internship program and grow the
experiences they’re able to give. That these students that are there for just a short time and how to keep
them involved and engaged. I think that was really special to show how much they really cared about it. I
think moving forward, what I have learned the most is just continue to be curious and don’t really set
your mind on one specific route or track. Even if it’s something that interests you, you can still pursue
that, but keep your options open to other routes and ideas. That’s the way you’re going to see the most

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