Certified Audit & Review

Certified audit and assurance services help you build financial reporting credibility, manage risk and measure performance across critical business areas. For your lenders, investors and reporting agencies, an audit or assurance analyzes the accuracy of your financial reporting against what professionals call generally accepted accounting principles. But the “generalities” end there.

Our approach to a certified audit puts us in a league apart. We know that your passion lies in operations. Not in financial reporting. So we direct every effort toward easing the burden of the assurance process. We set you up for success by asking the right questions: Who requested the audit? How will you use this extended line of credit? Can we achieve your goals through a compilation instead?

Although the audit process is independent, we can help you mitigate future risk and turn inefficiencies into opportunities. Our decades of combined experience put us in the position to manage even the most specialized audit reports, including nonprofit audits and the heavily regulated area of employee benefit plan audits. In the latter case, we work with your Plan Administrator to answer the Department of Labor’s requisites, serving as the liaison between you, the administrator and the government.


Agreed Upon Procedures, including:

  • Internal Control Reviews and Assessments
  • Cash Management System Reviews
  • Regulatory Compliance Assessments
  • Training for Internal Audit Professionals

Specialized Services

❝ When you work with Cray Kaiser on an audit,

you know we’re going to be there for you.

And at the end of the day, our clients always feel

they’ve gained knowledge.❞

–Brian Kot, CK Principal