Cray Kaiser’s Values – People

Natalie: I feel like we all really care about each other, which is a really good feeling to have at a
place where you’re working hard. You also want to enjoy the people that you work with,
and I feel that that environment exists here at Cray Kaiser.

Dan: We want to make sure that you continue to grow, you continue to learn. By doing so, we
help the client, we help you, and we help each other.

Micah: It’s almost more of a family in this group. We have a lot of involvement in each other’s
lives. Everybody asks, how are you doing? How is your weekend? How is so and so, your
wife? How is so and so, your dog. Very involved with each other, and I would say that we
care a lot about each other as people. Which really speaks to one of our core values at
Cray Kaiser.

Natalie: We really, really value every piece of input that somebody offers here at Cray Kaiser, and I
feel that that’s truly embodied in our day-to-day activities at the firm. We also value our
clients, and I think they feel that, and they feel that we care about them. Whether it’s their
business success, personal success, I feel that people are what’s important here at Cray
Kaiser. Another thing I’ve seen is diversity, which I think for a firm in Oakbrook and for our
size, we have so much diversity here.

Micah: We’re in a relationship business, and the fact that we really make a point of saying, we
focus on people. I’m happy to be a part of a firm that does that.

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