Strategic Consulting

Cray Kaiser delivers tax, accounting and strategic services with a steadfast commitment to accuracy and integrity.

By definition, projections live in the future. As strategic consultants, we bring them into the here and now. Leveraging our more than 50 years in business, we blend the high-touch service of a boutique firm with the proficiencies of a strategic consulting powerhouse. In this “best of both worlds” scenario, we expand and refine our focus to meet your unique needs.

Over the years, our engagements have encompassed the full strategic spectrum. We’ve advised clients about corporate structure; mergers and acquisitions; estate, succession and exit planning; P&L analysis; business valuations and more. We’ve provided employment procurement services. We’ve even deployed Cray Kaiser accountants as temporary CFOs.

No two engagements are alike. But our strategic consulting offering is always actionable. Taking stock of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as marketplace opportunities, we devise measurable objectives and arm you with a detailed implementation plan. Priority number one? Empowering you to put theory into practice.

❝ We develop some of our best relationships –

and do some of our best work –

when clients don’t know where to turn to resolve an issue.

That’s when we shine.❞

-Jim Scherzinger, CK Principal