Nonprofit Audits

As a nonprofit, you most likely run on the love and fumes of volunteer talent, even when it comes to meeting your tax and accounting needs. With broad and far-ranging experience in the nonprofit sector, we understand these organizations’ unique tax and accounting processes, inside and out. And that’s where our nonprofit audit experience comes to play.

When you are required to submit a Uniform Guidance Audit, for instance—a type of audit that the Office of Management and Budget requires from nonprofits that receive certain levels of federal funding—we help you navigate the rigorous requisites. In the process, we work with you to develop best practices for your internal financial reporting systems.

A byproduct of a nonprofit audit is that you, your staff and constituents—including volunteers, board members and part-time employees—gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to run a fiscally ethical, transparent and compliant nonprofit. Given that your “shareholders” are in fact the people within the community you serve, this heightened knowledge base, along with the increased visibility to the public at large, becomes doubly important.

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❝ For our not-for-profit organizations, our efforts are always focused

on educating and empowering volunteers and staff

with best practices to create their own internal accounting

succession plan.❞

-Deanna Salo, CK Principal