CK Core Values

The Cray Kaiser team is driven by its mission, vision and core values. As you get to know our team members, you’ll see that the five core values – education, integrity, people, care and trust – serve as anchors through our work and actions. To hear more about each value, we invite you to watch the videos below as CK team members explain how these values are embodied each and every day.


We believe in lifelong learning. The best way to be successful is to empower yourself with knowledge – and then share it with your team and clients.


We embody accuracy and sincerity through our work and our actions.


We value the person. Everybody on our team has something to offer to the success of our clients and our firm.


We believe the work we do matters because of the people and the businesses it impacts.


We take pride and ownership in our work, elevating us as teammates and as trusted advisors.