At Cray Kaiser, it’s more than numbers.
It’s family.

We know what it means to run a family business. In fact, we’re experts at it. We understand that the challenges a family business faces are unique from those of other closely-held businesses. But we don’t just focus on the challenges. We recognize the advantages of working with family, and we ensure that your business benefits from those as well.

Issues become more profound when dealing with a family business. We understand those unique dimensions because we have worked with them many times. Throughout the last 50+ years, we have developed a mindset and approach that gives our clients confidence and security. It also allows us to help manage many of the inevitable conflicts directly, and with patience and delicacy.

We know what questions to ask and the manner in which to ask them in order to bring issues to the forefront early. We encourage involving all family members in our process for preparation and education. Whether dealing with family members’ emotions, motivations, or plans for the future, we have walked the path with multiple generations for many clients.

That is one reason we believe it is so important your next generation knows our next generation. Our partners, managers, supervisors and newer team members are all involved and working with our clients’ multiple generations. You do not have just one relationship at CK. It’s a team approach. And every member of our team knows that it’s more than just numbers. It’s family.

Cray Kaiser is proud to be a Strategic Partner for the Entrepreneur and Family Business Council.

❝Cray Kaiser is truly an invested partner.

They put in the time to mentor our members and answer their questions.

It’s almost like having a 24/7 hotline

for family-owned businesses.❞

-Elizabeth Fidanovski, Executive Director, Entrepreneur and Family Business Council, DePaul University