Cray Kaiser delivers tax, accounting and strategic services with a steadfast commitment to accuracy and integrity.

But in a complicated economy, that’s merely the baseline.

We know that many business owners view accounting and strategic services as a cost. We move mountains to change that. CK stands apart because we embrace your challenges as our own. We support. We empower. It’s the difference between adding numbers and adding value.

The CK Way

Leadership: We win your business on the strength of our senior leadership. And we keep your business because our principals stay involved in the daily details of your engagement.

Education: We don’t deliver and disappear. We aim to enhance your financial literacy. Knowledge is power. In the modern marketplace, it’s also profit.

Teamwork: Compliance? It’s just the price of entry. When you engage Cray Kaiser, you engage a support structure for your business. We meet you where you are, then help you get where you want to be.

Longevity: Using the advantage of our longevity, we tap a deep well of expertise. All told, Cray Kaiser’s principals offer 170 years of combined experience. And every minute of it is available to you.

Trust: If you lead a family-owned business, work is family—and family is work. So you trust us with more than your balance sheets. You trust us with your financial life. For Cray Kaiser, that’s a privilege we protect.

❝ As we pursue our growth plans, we look forward to leveraging

Cray Kaiser’s talents—both to support our short-term accounting issues

and to position our business for

maximum financial success.❞

-CEO, Computer Distribution Company