Why Buy-Sell Agreements Are a Journey, Not a Destination

In Cray Kaiser’s first audio blog, CK Principal Deanna Salo shares the journey of a closely-held business as they craft their buy-sell agreement. When the owners of the company were looking to exit, they decided it was time to dust off their original buy-sell agreement from the 1980s. What followed was a two-year process of education, emotion, and collaboration, ending with the signing of their brand-new buy-sell agreement.

As Deanna tells the story of this business’ journey, she gives insights into why buy-sell agreements are so important, what timing might look like in the process, aha moments that business owners often experience, and common questions she’s asked about buy-sell agreements.

Click below to listen:

If you have questions about your company’s buy-sell agreement or would like assistance putting one together, please don’t hesitate to contact Cray Kaiser today.

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