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Your organization is unique, and you need an accounting software to match. However, some accounting technologies can be difficult to understand, customize and implement. At Cray Kaiser, our dedicated team of Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors have the credentials and tools needed to get your accounting processes and software working for you, so that you can get back to running your business.

Whether you’re a longtime user of QuickBooks, or looking to set up a new system, we can help you design and create a system that makes sense for you and your business. Here’s how our QuickBooks services work:

  • Business Process 
    We can analyze your current accounting processes. What is done in QuickBooks and other systems? How can it be made more efficient?
  • System Design/Re-Design 
    With numerous successful system deployments, no job is too small or complex for our team. We can get your system optimized to fit your business processes.
  • Data Conversion
    Our team can assist in converting your existing accounting data from other accounting systems and databases into QuickBooks. We can also convert desktop applications to cloud applications.
  • File Review & Clean Up
    Our team of QuickBooks Pro Advisors can review and clean up your chart of accounts, lists, items, A/R, templates, inventory and more.
  • Inventory 
    We offer a range of inventory services from a full setup to a tune-up. We can also help with manual adjustments, entering or importing products, entering bills and more.
  • Payroll 
    Utilizing Intuit payroll services, our team can assist you with payroll implementation and integration.
  • QuickBooks Apps 
    QuickBooks has many product add-ons for customer relationship management, field service management, inventory, time tracking and more. We can help you determine which add-ons are right for your business by helping you design and implement your tech stack to gain efficiencies and streamline processes.
  • Implementation 
    Whether you need a single-user QuickBooks install or a multi-user enterprise solution, we can help you implement it.
  • Support & Training 
    Once your QuickBooks installation is live, support doesn’t end there. When questions come up, we’re here for high-level technical support, troubleshooting and training.
  • Bookkeeping 
    Having up-to-date financial information is critical for business owners to make decisions. In addition, our accounting services prepare your bookkeeping so that tax returns are streamlined. All allowing you to spend your valuable time in areas that need your attention most. Click here to learn more about our Accounting Services.

Through our Accounting Services division, the Cray Kaiser team is here to provide you with the opportunity to focus on your business while we focus on your numbers. We’ll work with you to design a service plan that empowers you with knowledgeable, dependable and flexible resources at every stage of your company’s growth. Whether you need us to supplement your existing staff on a short-term basis or manage all of your accounting and financial responsibilities on a long-term basis, we’re here to support you.

In our eyes, outsourced accounting is about sharing our knowledge with you. We win when you win. We’ll be the forward-thinking financial team that’s on your side and keeps you up to date and educated on your current performance and future potential.

What It Means to Partner with CK

• Support from an organization focused on privately-held and family-owned businesses and nonprofit organizations.
• An opportunity to interact with over 40 professionals in areas of expertise such as business valuations, tax, audits, and more.
• Services that can evolve as your business and needs develop and change.
• The ability to receive services onsite or remotely.

QuickBooks Certified

We are certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors. That means we have been trained within the QuickBooks software to provide strategic insights to help your business grow and we can customize applications to make your operations run smoother. If you’d like to improve your QuickBooks processes, please click here to learn more.

To view our accounting services and suite of options, click here.

Amy Langfelder

CK Principal

630-953-4900 ext. 204

Eva Koziel

Manager of Accounting Services

630-953-4900 ext. 240

Karen Hoban

Senior of Accounting Services

630-953-4900 ext. 219

Nicholas Ashmore

In-Charge of Accounting Services

Tatyana Jackson

Accounting Services Specialist / Staff Accountant

As the leaders of family-owned and closely held businesses increasingly turn their attention to succession planning, our valuation engagements continue to span industries. We know that nothing strikes closer to the heart than determining the value of your business. It is likely a significant asset in your estate. And it represents years or decades of hard work. With three Certified Valuation Analysts at the principal level, we apply the highest standards of professionalism and integrity to our business valuations. You’ll emerge with a fully documented valuation—as well as a clear understanding of what constitutes the value of your business.


  • Estate and Gift Tax
  • Divorce
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Our business valuations team is led by Certified Valuation Analysts and CK Principals James Scherzinger, Micah Vant Hoff and Manager, Jason Hofferica.

❝ We know the stakes are high.

So earning our clients trust

is one of the most important

aspects of our work.❞

-Roger Reitz, Of Counsel

Our tax planning and preparation team helps you make the most of seemingly contradictory tax regulations, maximizing your savings against the codes. But for Cray Kaiser, tax season isn’t a season at all. Throughout the year, we help you think through daily business decisions—matters ranging from equipment to real estate to personal.

Whether we’re preparing a straightforward personal return or a complex ownership transfer, we investigate implications: What does a dollar saved or spent today mean for tomorrow? If you are the leader of a closely held or family-owned business, your personal life and professional world are connected.

Specializing in the closely held and family-owned space, we pursue your planning holistically. At every stage, we revisit the same overarching question: How can your business transactions benefit your tax picture and, by extension, your family at large?


  • Tax Planning and Consulting
  • State and Local Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Tax Compliance
  • Trusts and Estates
  • Ownership Transfers

❝ We have a stake in educating our clients.

It gets to the heart of what we do and

why we do it.❞

-Karen Snodgrass, CK Principal

As a nonprofit, you most likely run on the love and fumes of volunteer talent, even when it comes to meeting your tax and accounting needs. With broad and far-ranging experience in the nonprofit sector, we understand these organizations’ unique tax and accounting processes, inside and out. And that’s where our nonprofit audit experience comes to play.

When you are required to submit a Uniform Guidance Audit, for instance—a type of audit that the Office of Management and Budget requires from nonprofits that receive certain levels of federal funding—we help you navigate the rigorous requisites. In the process, we work with you to develop best practices for your internal financial reporting systems.

A byproduct of a nonprofit audit is that you, your staff and constituents—including volunteers, board members and part-time employees—gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to run a fiscally ethical, transparent and compliant nonprofit. Given that your “shareholders” are in fact the people within the community you serve, this heightened knowledge base, along with the increased visibility to the public at large, becomes doubly important.

Contact us today to learn more about conducting a nonprofit audit.

❝ For our not-for-profit organizations, our efforts are always focused

on educating and empowering volunteers and staff

with best practices to create their own internal accounting

succession plan.❞

-Deanna Salo, CK Principal

As a growing business, your needs are continually changing and evolving. No matter what stage you’re in, Cray Kaiser is here to help you with your accounting processes. Below are the different services we offer and the suite of options that you can choose from based on your specific situation and budget. No matter which level you choose, we will be helping you interpret financial results, benchmark your performance, increase efficiencies, reduce overhead and streamline reporting.

Core bookkeeping services:

  • Vendor billing processing
  • Customer invoice processing
  • Cash management and forecasting
  • General ledger processing
  • Financial statement/management report preparation
  • Sales tax and payroll tax preparation
  • 1099 preparation and much more
Level 1: Oversight Function

This option is best when you simply need a second set of eyes on your processes. We will review your financial statements and will share best practices, advise on transactional postings and communicate operating results to you.

  • Review of your internally prepared financial statements
  • Preparation of adjusting journal entries based on review
  • Review of internal reconciliations
  • Preparation of executive summary on period activity to management
Level 2: Bookkeeping Function

This option is best when you need accounting function support. At this level, we’re more hands on. We will prepare journal entries, reconciliations, post cash and credit card transactions, in addition to the functions of Level 1.

  • Bookkeeping activities, see core services above
  • Customized centralized accounting services
  • Preparation of adjusting journal entries
  • Generation and preparation of monthly financial statements
  • Preparation of account reconciliations
  • Issuance of Executive Summary on period results
  • Communication with management on a quarterly basis
Level 3: Controller Function

This option is best when you want true strategic guidance for your finance function. We will get in the weeds, helping you develop and facilitate reports, analytics and strategy for the future. This is in addition to the services provided in Levels 1 and 2.

  • Bookkeeping activities, see core services above
  • Customized centralized accounting services
  • Preparation of adjusting journal entries
  • Preparation of account reconciliations
  • Generation and preparation of monthly financial statements
  • Development and facilitation of management reports and custom analytics
  • Issuance of Executive Summary on period results
  • Communication with management on monthly basis
Custom Services

If your business requires a more tailored approach, we’ll work with you to create a custom package. Custom services include:

  • Serving as part of your professional services team; we can be present for key meetings, liaison with various action items, and communicate key decisions
  • Reviewing various agreements (corporate, banking, operational) and extract key financial matters affecting financial reporting
  • Preparing customized reporting to meet contractual terms
  • Conducting detailed analysis including ratio and account variances
  • Interview assistance for key accounting positions
  • Assistance in year-end audit preparations from planning to work paper preparation
  • Offering support with QuickBooks as QuickBooks Pro Advisors including full utilization of Intuit product lines (QuickBooks and third party applications) to streamline financial and operational processes
  • Accounting needs assessment
  • Internal control review

Cost Effective Solutions

We believe that outsourced accounting services benefit businesses by providing significant expertise without significant expense. The cost of employing an in-house bookkeeper goes beyond salary when you add in training and benefits. By choosing to outsource your accounting and bookkeeping services with CK you are getting a team of experts in accounting, tax and closely-held business operations.

Amy Langfelder

CK Principal

630-953-4900 ext. 204

Eva Koziel

Manager of Accounting Services

630-953-4900 ext. 240

Karen Hoban

Senior of Accounting Services

630-953-4900 ext. 219

Nicholas Ashmore

In-Charge of Accounting Services

Tatyana Jackson

Accounting Services Specialist / Staff Accountant

Certified audit and assurance services help you build financial reporting credibility, manage risk and measure performance across critical business areas. For your lenders, investors and reporting agencies, an audit or assurance analyzes the accuracy of your financial reporting against what professionals call generally accepted accounting principles. But the “generalities” end there.

Our approach to a certified audit puts us in a league apart. We know that your passion lies in operations. Not in financial reporting. So we direct every effort toward easing the burden of the assurance process. We set you up for success by asking the right questions: Who requested the audit? How will you use this extended line of credit? Can we achieve your goals through a compilation instead?

Although the audit process is independent, we can help you mitigate future risk and turn inefficiencies into opportunities. Our decades of combined experience put us in the position to manage even the most specialized audit reports, including nonprofit audits and the heavily regulated area of employee benefit plan audits. In the latter case, we work with your Plan Administrator to answer the Department of Labor’s requisites, serving as the liaison between you, the administrator and the government.


Agreed Upon Procedures, including:

  • Internal Control Reviews and Assessments
  • Cash Management System Reviews
  • Regulatory Compliance Assessments
  • Training for Internal Audit Professionals

Specialized Services

❝ When you work with Cray Kaiser on an audit,

you know we’re going to be there for you.

And at the end of the day, our clients always feel

they’ve gained knowledge.❞

–Brian Kot, CK Principal

Cray Kaiser delivers tax, accounting and strategic services with a steadfast commitment to accuracy and integrity.

By definition, projections live in the future. As strategic consultants, we bring them into the here and now. Leveraging our more than 50 years in business, we blend the high-touch service of a boutique firm with the proficiencies of a strategic consulting powerhouse. In this “best of both worlds” scenario, we expand and refine our focus to meet your unique needs.

Over the years, our engagements have encompassed the full strategic spectrum. We’ve advised clients about corporate structure; mergers and acquisitions; estate, succession and exit planning; P&L analysis; business valuations and more. We’ve provided employment procurement services. We’ve even deployed Cray Kaiser accountants as temporary CFOs.

No two engagements are alike. But our strategic consulting offering is always actionable. Taking stock of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as marketplace opportunities, we devise measurable objectives and arm you with a detailed implementation plan. Priority number one? Empowering you to put theory into practice.

❝ We develop some of our best relationships –

and do some of our best work –

when clients don’t know where to turn to resolve an issue.

That’s when we shine.❞

-Jim Scherzinger, CK Principal