Priyangiben Patel Talks About Her Internship

My name is Priyangiben Patel, and I have been interning with Cray Kaiser for almost seven months now.
My biggest takeaway from my internship was being able to apply the practical knowledge that I gained
from this internship working in the office to the classroom knowledge that I’m currently having. During
tax season, I did not have any experience with any tax returns, so it was nice that I was taking a tax class
and doing tax returns at the same time. Which helped me understand the concept better.

Before applying at CK for an internship, I did not know what I wanted to do, especially in the accounting
field, because there are so many options and different departments to work with. I was mostly confused
between insurance and taxation. With working at CK during tax season, it really helped me understand
that taxation is something that I would like to focus is on, especially for my masters.

I’m forever grateful for that. I did not know much before doing the internship here and it feels like I have
learned a lot from the time that I started to the time I’ll end. It’s nice to know that whatever I have
learned in terms of filing returns, helping the accounting services team with the PPP and ERC credits,
helping the audit team, I will be able to apply all of it to my college experience and job.

I think CK’s culture is very diverse and friendly. From the time that I have joined the firm, I was treated
very nicely by everyone. When I was unsure about something, it felt like I was able to go to anyone for
help, whether it was the partners or coworkers or supervisors, my questions were being answered nicely.
One thing I would like someone who’s considering joining the CK intern team to know is that at the
internship role definitely helps them understand the accounting world better in terms of whether they
want to focus on one field, one aspect of accounting or focus on many other things.

Then, I also want them to know that they will feel very welcomed and welcomed by the entire CK team,
as they’re very helpful. If I were to rate my overall experience at Cray Kaiser, I would definitely give it a 10
out of 10 because it was amazing to work with the team here. Before interning here, don’t be afraid that
you don’t know much about accounting, from what I have learned, I think you will definitely understand
a lot more after joining this team here. They will help you answer your questions and help you
understand the accounting world better.

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