Mentorship is a Win for All

Studies show that workplace mentors have a positive impact on mentees, mentors, and organizations, including improved employee engagement, retention, inclusion, and career outcomes. 

As showcased in our Core Values, our People and Education are at the center of our success.  The growth and advancement of our team members, through strong mentor and mentee relationships, are an integral part of how we operate at Cray Kaiser, with senior employees taking an active role in career development. 

The Mentor Program provides guidance, support and understanding by sharing experiences and knowledge to help employees reach their full potential; a win for everyone. 

Weekly Planning on Demanding Schedules or PODS meetings provide a time for staff to check in with their supervisor or manager. These weekly touchpoints are a platform to address training opportunities and promote communication throughout the firm. The PODS also assist in onboarding new staff and allowing them to experience CK with a buddy.

To learn more about these opportunities we provide to employees, click below to hear what teammates Kayla Daniels, Maria Gordon, and Rolake Adedara have to say about mentorship at Cray Kaiser. 

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