A Culture of Community

If you’ve spent any time on LinkedIn lately you’ve no doubt seen multiple posts talking about company culture, all with the similar theme—culture can make or break an organization.

At Cray Kaiser we are extremely proud of the company culture we have created. Our core values of education, integrity, people, care and trust define our work and our actions.

CK is not just an accounting firm, we are a community. Our family atmosphere promotes strong relationships. We care not only about our work, but about each other on a personal level. Which leads to greater engagement and a healthy work environment.

We believe that every member of our team has something to offer, regardless of title or experience level. We all have a common goal, and everyone contributes to the success of the firm and our clients.

To learn more about our culture listen to what Aaron McWilliams, Eva Koziel, Raimonda Kesler, and Maria Gordon have to say.

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