Cray Kaiser Employee Spotlight: Holly Kolschefski

In Cray Kaiser’s Employee Spotlight series, we highlight a member of the CK team. We couldn’t be prouder of the team we’ve grown and we’re excited for you to get to know them. This month we’re shining our spotlight on Holly Kolschefski.

Getting to Know Holly

For Holly, a typical day at CK never looks the same. Whether she’s collaborating with leadership in improving and administering the billing process, assisting engagement teams in monitoring budget to increase job performance, or overseeing the daily process of invoicing to show the client the value of the services provided, each day is an exciting opportunity for Holly. As the Executive Coordinator, she loves to collaborate and learn from the amazing team at CK.

As one who is always up for a challenge, Holly made the decision to move from inside sales to the accounting space. After 23 years of working in accounting, Holly chose to join the CK team in October of 2020. The great team of people that make up the organization was a key factor in her decision to join the team. From the partners to the staff, she enjoys the friendly, positive culture they create and the knowledge she gains from others.  

Why CK?

Holly believes trust is core to any relationship, whether it be personal or professional. That’s why CK’s core value of ‘Trust’ means the most to her. Holly said, “It’s vital to build trust in every interaction by conducting ourselves in a professional and honest manner.”

When asked what piece of advice she would give someone who is just starting in the accounting industry, Holly said, “Get to know as many people as you can and learn as much as you can every day. It’s the best way to grow in your career. The world is changing around us every day and there is always something new to learn to keep you engaged at being the best you can be.”

For Holly, the future is full of opportunity. She’s most looking forward to growing her experience within the firm over the next 10-plus years. After that, she plans to retire somewhere perhaps in a warmer climate!

More About Holly

Pianist or learning how to play the saxophone. I love music!

Spending time with my husband, kids, and grandchildren during my time off which means taking small trips to Tennessee and Minnesota as often as possible.

Be kind; you never know the battles others are fighting.

My husband is a Preplanning Consultant and Business Director at Hultgren Funeral Home.  I have two daughters and one son and 6 grandchildren. 

Hawaii was my favorite vacation (a once-in-a-lifetime chance). Hawaii is relaxing, and beautiful and there is so much to see and do. Now my #1 place to visit is where my kids are living.

My current favorite tv show is Yellowstone. I have watched Season 1 and am excited to watch the other seasons very soon.

Everything from 70’s and 80’s hits to worship music.

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