Cray Kaiser’s 2023 NPS Report: Leading the Pack, Once Again!

At Cray Kaiser, we believe in a simple yet powerful philosophy: that behind every number is a person. Our dedication to melding numbers with our clients’ narratives has been a central pillar of our ethos. And guess what? This commitment has once again been validated by our latest NPS score for 2023.

NPS Demystified

For anyone unfamiliar with it, Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is a standardized metric used across industries to gauge customer loyalty and satisfaction. How does it work? Customers are asked one straightforward question: “On a scale from 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our business to a friend or colleague?”

From the responses, customers fall into one of three groups:

The formula to derive the NPS is as straightforward as the question itself—subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

To give some context: A score above zero is already good, surpassing 50 is deemed excellent, and anything beyond 80 is simply incredible.

Cray Kaiser: Setting New Benchmarks in 2023

Comparing against industry standards and rivals provides a clear view of where a business stands. With an astounding NPS of 89 this year, Cray Kaiser has once more surged past the accounting industry’s average.

But that’s not the end of our story. Cray Kaiser’s NPS still shines when juxtaposed against market leaders across different sectors. We’re talking scores higher than industry titans like Target, Amazon, and Apple.

It’s more than just a number for us. It’s an affirmation that our clientele trusts and values the service we provide.

Here for You, Always

Your success stories are ours, too. In 2023 and the years ahead, our focus remains unwavering: to be impeccable with our numbers and unparalleled in our people skills. Cheers to another year of achieving together!

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