James Scherzinger

CPA | Principal

In addition to Jim Scherzinger’s extensive experience as a tax, accounting and audit professional, he has become a driving force behind Cray Kaiser’s strategic consulting activities. Leveraging his expertise, refined over decades of practice, Jim assumes advisory roles for clients across a diverse spectrum of industries and financial needs.

Over the years, he has counseled clients on such far-ranging matters as start-up projections, cash management, exit planning, buy-side due diligence, seller negotiations and transaction structure, among many others. With deep knowledge of financial markets, financial models and tax and regulatory requirements—and a commitment to understanding clients’ needs and potential exposures—Jim and Cray Kaiser’s multidisciplinary team have the depth of knowledge to resolve a myriad of business issues and augment clients’ internal resources.

As one of three Certified Valuation Analysts at Cray Kaiser, Jim helps clients understand value concepts as they relate to market transfers, internal company transfers and family and generational transfers of business assets and wealth. He applies his understanding of exit strategies to help clients protect their wealth and preserve and shape their legacy.

As a CK Principal, Jim embraces the firm’s client-focused definition of “success.” For Cray Kaiser, success hinges on the extent to which the firm helps clients solve problems and make better business decisions. In realizing that vision of success, Cray Kaiser adds value to clients’ businesses, giving them heightened confidence in their ability to meet objectives.

In addition to his CPA license, Jim is a licensed real estate broker. He holds a degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois-Champaign.

Community: Past Director, Real Estate Investment Association. Certification of Membership, The Exit Planning Institute, National Association of Valuation Analysts. Committee Member, Union League Club of Chicago. Board Membership, Various Nonprofit Organizations.

The Lighter Side

Hobbies: Golf, travel, golf and travel.
Favorite city: Paris, where even the gas station food is great.
Parisian pasttime: People-watching at a corner patisserie. (See also “great food,” above.)
Childhood hero: Benjamin Franklin. Not necessarily for his politics but his principles.
A perfect “bond”: Jim met his wife Nancy when she accompanied her sister to bail Jim’s college friend, who made an illegal U-turn, out of a holding cell. The sisters posted bond; the rest is history.
Near & dear: Wife Nancy, mother Eleanor, great-grandmother Edith, who lived to be 101. (Behind every great man, they say . . .)