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By implementing sound principles of saving and investing, average people – with average salaries and expenses – can build wealth. For most people wondering how to build wealth, it may be a lot like cooking stew in a crock pot. Two ingredients are required: discipline and time.



Jerry, on the other hand, was a party animal. For the first ten years after high school, he spent every penny he earned. But at age 28, he got discipline. He started saving $100 each month, the same amount Tom had been saving for ten years.


By age 65, who comes out ahead? Tom is the clear winner with about $230,000; Jerry places second with $210,000. Consider that Tom saved $100 a month for ten years ($12,000) and Jerry saved the same monthly amount for 37 years ($44,400). Why did Tom end up with more money? Because his funds were invested longer. The power of compounding amplified his investment. (By the way, had Tom invested $250 a month from age 18 to 65, he’d have over a million dollars by age 65.)


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