QuickBooks Online New Features and Best Practices

With over 2.2 million registered online users, QuickBooks Online is far and away the most popular accounting software solution for small businesses. With ample room for customization via third party applications, QuickBooks is striving to be the leading choice for cloud-based accounting software. But are you getting the most out of it? Below is an overview of QuickBooks Online new features and some helpful tips to help you determine if you’re using the software to its fullest potential.

Cloud-Based Systems

Over the past few years, QuickBooks has moved to a cloud-based system, making it easier for multiple team members to access the platform across multiple devices. Here are a few reasons why QuickBooks’ cloud-based system is best for small businesses:

  • Your accountant can log into your QuickBooks Online account remotely and walk you through any issues in real-time via a shared screen.
  • Software updates will take place automatically, without disruption to your operations.
  • Multiple users can be logged in at the same time, and all changes are recorded so you can keep track of who does what.
  • You no longer need to make backups since your data is safely stored in the cloud.
  • The cloud is so secure that storing your sensitive financial information with QuickBooks is often more reliable than storing it on your own network. 

Third Party Plugins

One of the biggest pain points with QuickBooks used to be the lack of customization. In the past, there was a significant amount of manual work required to customize QuickBooks to meet your needs. They’ve solved this by allowing third party vendors to sell add-on plugins for specific requirements. With over 5,000 apps available on the Intuit app store, practically any need can be addressed. There’s truly a solution for everyone – from very complex to very simple installations. And, since the app companies are all competing for your business, they’re all striving to be more robust and less expensive, which is great news for you as the consumer.

Here are some benefits of third party plugins:

  • Complete integration: You no longer need to double enter any of your data. The data from your apps is completely automated, and no longer needs to be uploaded as individual transactions.
  • New reports: Data can be summarized in daily or monthly reports, saving you time and ridding your reports of unnecessary data.
  • Bank account connection: Download your bank data directly into QuickBooks.
  • No more mapping: You don’t have to map your transactions by hand anymore. Over time, QuickBooks learns how to record each transaction to the correct account.
  • Agility: As your needs change, you can add or remove third party apps without any impact on your general ledger.

Avoiding QuickBooks Issues: Pro Tips

The biggest problems for QuickBooks users usually result from improper software installation.  Even though QuickBooks has better user guides and online video tutorials than ever before, it’s still easy to make small mistakes that have big impacts in the future. If your software isn’t properly set up, you’ll expend a lot of time and effort backfilling incorrect reporting. To avoid this, the best practice is to contact someone from the Find a Pro Advisor directory to ensure that your setup and workflows are correct from the beginning.

Your accounting software should be as unique as your organization. At Cray Kaiser, we’re able to adapt your accounting solution to best fit the way you do business. If you have questions about the QuickBooks Online new features, please contact us today to speak with our in-house Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors.