Maria Gordon Talks About Sharing Knowledge

My name is Maria Gordon, and I am a tax senior here at Cray Kaiser. I just finished my fifth tax season at
Cray Kaiser. One of our principles Karen, she’s the head of tax, she personally is my mentor in our mentor
program, but even beyond that, she is such a wealth of tax knowledge that I know if there’s ever a topic,
I’m hitting a dead end on, I can go to Karen and, she’s like, “well, have you looked at this?”. You kind of
thump yourself on the head like, “oh yeah, I didn’t even think about that”. I think having someone like
Karen with all of her, not just knowledge but experience, she just has seen so much over the years with
all her clients that it is such a benefit to me. I feel like I’m becoming a person like her. I’m becoming more
experienced and more knowledgeable about a wider range of tax issues, and that makes me more
helpful to my clients.

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