Strategic Consulting


After years of working with clients on their basic accounting and tax needs, our team began to develop strategic consulting services to extend the ways in which we can impact our family business clients. Generation after generation, business owners and family members have turned to us for advice and assistance with many of their financial and general business concerns, including business valuation; corporate structure; mergers and acquisitions; estate, succession and exit planning; and P & L analysis.

These issues come up with all of our clients, but a family business adds the dimensions of brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, and even aunts, uncles and cousins to the equation. It is a different model. It is definitely a bit more complex, partly because of the emotional component but also because the needs of the parties are different from the strictly “this-is-all-business” approach.

Our clients come to naturally rely on us for our strategic consulting services simply because we listen and we care. We challenge clients by asking clarifying questions. Our process ensures that strategic planning reflects an understanding of our clients’ goals and achieving the outcome driven by those goals.

Through working on tax and other accounting needs, we often discover what our clients’ issues are and offer only the services that will be helpful in that instance. We understand the nuances that over 45 years of service has taught us, and that in turn we seek to teach those lessons to our family business clients. Whether it is succession planning, business valuation, or one of the many other strategic consulting services we offer, we have a team member with the expertise to partner with you and guide you along whichever path your business, and your family, take.