Cray Kaiser’s Value – Trust

Micah: I think one of the great things about working at Cray Kaiser is being a trusted advisor with
our clients. Being that strategic partner, that really helps them get to the next level. To
either their next transaction or get past their next goal, whether that’s operationally,
whether that’s business transition, whether that is tax minimization and tax mitigation.
We have solutions for all of those things. We really work with each individual client to
determine what is their biggest need, what are their needs currently, what are their needs
in the future. Then deliver individualized, personalized solutions for each of those needs
and needs in the future.

Natalie: The trusted advisor role from a tax standpoint typically is either helping them with
transactions, helping them to minimize tax. Going above and beyond just preparing a tax
return, reviewing a tax return compliance work, but actually doing some planning to help

Dan: So being a team member here at Cray Kaiser means yes, we’re going to work some long,
hard hours and it will be stressful from time to time. The relationships you build with your
team members and the relationships you build with the client will make it all worthwhile
in the end.

Micah: This environment, when you’re working, what sometimes may be longer hours, under
deadlines, that sort of thing, you really need to rely on other people to get you through
your day. You rely on other people to get their task done; you rely on other people to get
you what you need to get the job done. Having that trust with other people and having
that collaboration, I think is the best part of being on this team at Cray Kaiser.

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