Cray Kaiser’s Value – Integrity

Dan: What gets me motivated and gets me moving through the day is when I see our clients
really appreciative and thankful for our services. If I’m able to see kind of their stress level
decrease and are more comfortable with what’s happening, I feel like I’ve done my job.

Micah: I was drawn to Cray Kaiser when I was looking for an internship and it ended up being a
really good match. In the years, since then I’ve stayed here really because of the
relationships I’ve built both with clients, with colleagues or with referral partners. Those
relationships have been really the high point of my work at Cray Kaiser and the main
reason for me staying here.

Natalie: What I enjoy the most about being on the Cray Kaiser team is that I feel that my opinion
and my knowledge is always valued. I may not know everything, but I can certainly look
and have others help me to find answers. I think we just truly embody what a team

Dan: There’s a lot of bright and talented people here at Cray Kaiser, and one of our core values
is care and education. So what do you think we like to do with some young, new staff that
come through the doors here? We want to make sure that you continue to grow, you
continue to learn and by doing so we help the client, we help you and we help each other.

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