Cray Kaiser’s Value – Care

Dan: So here at Cray Kaiser, we have five core values, and the one that continually jumps out at
me is care. Care is we believe the work we do matters because of the people and the
businesses that it impacts. Lots of times accountants, we just deal with numbers, we’re
just numbers people, right, but these are people’s businesses. This is their livelihood. So it
means the world to me to make sure it’s done right, to make sure that they have good
solid numbers in order to make good, smart business decisions with. So care is huge to
me. You’ve got to have a high care factor in order to connect.

Micah: The main word that I would use to describe the Cray Kaiser’s culture is collaborative, both
in a work sense and on a personal sense. So clearly in a work sense, we’re working
together to find solutions for clients to get through these tasks, to make sure that we’re
getting the work done. On a personal level, it’s almost more of a family atmosphere. We
have a lot of involvement in each other’s lives, everybody asks, how are you doing? How
was your weekend? How’s so-and-so or your wife, how’s, so-and-so, your dog? Very
involved with each other. I would say that we care a lot about each other as people which
really speaks to one of our core values at Cray Kaiser.

Natalie: What I enjoy the most about being on the Cray Kaiser team is that I feel that my opinion
and my knowledge is always valued. I may not know everything, but I can certainly look
and have others help me to find answers. I think we just truly embody what a team
means. Again, everybody’s important. Somebody’s perspective might be completely
different from you, regardless of how many years of experience they have, but they may
be able to bring something to the table that you haven’t thought of or explain something
in another way that you may not have thought of before. I feel like we’re always open to
listening to other people’s ideas so that we can make sure that we come up with the best
answers for our clients.

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