Cray Kaiser’s 2016 Tax Season Internship Experiences

Cray Kaiser’s 2016 tax season interns’ experience far surpassed simple exposure to accounting basics. Beyond in-depth learning about accounting practices and concepts, our five interns value what they learned about themselves and how they plan to approach their future in accounting. CK interns worked in a variety of areas including tax returns, reviews, compilations and audits.

Our 2016 tax season interns appreciated the CK approach to internships: involving the entire CK team, exposing the interns to as much as possible and focusing on the interns’ interests rather than simply the tasks at-hand.

According to Ben Tjoelker, “The variety of tasks that I had during my internship was more diverse than what some of my peers were doing at other firms, and I think this will give me an advantage as I enter my career. My internship experience was one of the most valuable components of my education so far, and I think it has prepared me well for life after graduation.”

Thank you to our 2016 tax season interns. We wish you the best of luck as you complete your education and move on to the next phase of your accounting careers!

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