Cray Kaiser is Pleased to Announce Deanna Salo as Managing Principal

“The only constant in life is change,” observed the Greek philosopher Heraclitus thousands of years ago. That statement seems to only ring truer in today’s world. In the midst of such rapid change, we at CK embrace opportunities for introspection, alignment and growth. It is in that spirit that we are pleased to announce that Jim Scherzinger will be passing the role of Managing Principal of our firm to Deanna Salo on September 27, 2021.  

The Managing Principal is responsible for driving the strategic vision of our firm while continuing to manage our day-to-day operations along with our other Principals. It is a role in which Jim excelled as the growth of our firm can attest. Jim will continue to serve as a Principal of CK and most-trusted advisor to his clients, providing the utmost in counsel, dedication and care as he has done his entire career.

As Deanna steps into the Managing Principal role, her entire career has, without a doubt, prepared her to lead our firm. Deanna has spent her career at CK, joining in 1986 and becoming a Principal in 2001. Her ability to identify strategic opportunities as well as uncover the smallest of details – an ability to focus on both the forest and the trees, if you will – will undoubtedly serve CK as well as it has served her clients for decades. Deanna will remain a most trusted advisor for her clients as she continues to educate and care for them while also serving in her new role as Managing Principal.   

Deanna, Jim, all our other Principals, and all CK team members remain fully committed to living our Mission of being the team of trusted advisors for companies and individuals, empowering you to succeed financially and in all aspects of your businesses. No matter the changes that the world may bring, or the pace of those changes, the last two years have only reaffirmed our commitment to each other and to you.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact Deanna, Jim or any CK team member should you have any questions.

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