Announcing CK Promotions

Cray Kaiser is pleased to announce recent promotions of six of our team members. As a firm, we are devoted to fostering the growth of our team and recognizing that success with the increased responsibilities of higher-level positions.

Cray Kaiser Brian Kot Principal Partner OakBrook Terrace Accountants

We are proud to share the promotion of Brian Kot, CPA, MPA from manager to a Principal/Shareholder at CK. When Brian first started at Cray Kaiser 13 years ago, it was his dream to become a principal. It’s been quite a journey since Brian’s first job at CK as a staff accountant responsible for basic tax returns and bookkeeping. As the first team member to be invited to join the ownership team in six years, Brian is now more involved with management of the firm, especially in the area of firm workflow and young professional development. CK values Brian’s professional and personal growth success, including his involvement as vice chair of the Accounting Principles Committee of the Illinois CPA Society. He’s remained with CK his entire career because of the trusting, encouraging family culture. In his new shareholder role, Brian strives to keep this culture intact by encouraging young professionals to follow and achieve their own dreams.

We are also pleased to recognize the following team members who were recently promoted:

  • Micah VantHoff advanced from a supervisor position to manager.
  • Dan Swanson and Jason Hofferica, previously seniors, are now supervisors.
  • Adrian Domino and Joseph Blom moved up from staff accountants to in charge accountant positions.

To learn more about our CK team, check the CK Team page on our website.