A New Law Regarding Nonprofit Organizations

Illinois lawmakers passed a new bill (HB1197) this summer which increases the threshold requirements for obtaining an “Audited” financial statement by an independent accountant for nonprofit organizations (NFPs). The bill also sets new requirements for NFPs that sit between the old threshold and the new threshold to get “Reviewed” financial statements. The new law becomes effective for tax years beginning January 1, 2024 and currently set to expire after tax years ending December 31, 2028.

Previously, most NFPs soliciting for contributions to the general public were required to get “Audited” financial statements if their total contributions for an annual period were above $300,000. The new bill increases the Audit threshold to $500,000. 

However, the bill sets a new requirement for those NFPs with total contributions between the old threshold of $300,000 and the new threshold of $500,000 to get “Reviewed” financial statements. This means that the NFPs resting in this window are not completely off the hook for getting an independent sign off on their financials. However, the accounting and administrative burden should be less expensive and less time consuming since a Review does not require as much validation or substantiation by an independent accountant as an Audit.

The new law was enacted in May of 2023 and Illinois is still ironing out the kinks. There may be additional guidance to follow as forms are reworked for the 2023/2024 filing season. CK will make sure to update you on any amendments or guidance related to the bill as it becomes finalized by Illinois lawmakers and the Attorney General’s Office.


For the purposes of the reviewed and audited financial statement thresholds “Contributions” include all funds raised by solicitation activities to the general public. This includes donations, pledges, program service revenue, fundraising events, etc.  However, there is an exception in the law to exclude admission/ticket revenue for music or theatrical performances by nonprofits organized under 501(c)(3) with the mission/purpose of providing live public performances on a regular basis.

For more information on the increase in the Audit threshold, the new Review requirements, or understanding on what constitutes “Contributions” for the purpose of these thresholds, please contact the CK nonprofit team by calling (630) 953-4900.

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