Video Transcript – A Day in the Life at Cray Kaiser: Natalie McHugh

My name is Natalie McHugh, I’m a Tax Manager at Cray Kaiser and I’ve been here for six and a half years.

I had two firms I was looking at and Cray Kaiser won, and the reason why was because I love the fact there’s a strong female presence in the partner group. And, to me that was important. It showed that there was upward mobility for women, and I thought that was really, really important. I also liked the family atmosphere, family-feeling atmosphere at my old firm and that similar type of feeling was what I got here at Cray Kaiser.

I feel like we all really care about each other, which is a really good feeling to have at a place where you’re working hard, you also want to enjoy the people that you work with and I feel that environment exists here at Cray Kaiser.

Every day is different, which I really, really love. I kind of start out with a list of things to accomplish, that list of course doesn’t ever get completely done because I’m always available to help staff or partners with questions, and of course clients. There’s always questions, and I love to be able to help others and get them moving along as well.

I really have been able to increase my knowledge on S corporations by learning from other staff and attending CPE classes, things like that. And really focusing on taking the knowledge that I already had on other different aspects of tax, including the S corporations, and figuring out how to best plan and to consult with my clients. And really expanding that because it’s such a focus here at Cray Kaiser, is being able to consult and help our clients to, you know, get to that next step or, you know, minimize tax, whatever it is their objective is, we really want to be able to help them get to that objective.

What I enjoy the most about being on the Cray Kaiser team is that I feel that my opinion and my knowledge is always valued. And I may not know everything, but I can certainly look and have others help me to find answers. And I think we just truly embody what a team means.

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