Video Transcript – A Day in the Life at Cray Kaiser: Micah Vant Hoff

My name is Micah Vant Hoff, I’m a Principal here at Cray Kaiser and I’ve been with the firm for about nine and a half years now.

A typical day for me, I don’t think I can really describe a typical day, because no two days are the same. So, you might have a day where you’re in the office most of the time. The phone might ring off the hook, you might talk to ten different people in a day, twenty different people in a day. Or, it might be a day where you kind of close your office door and really focus in on one particular task.

And with no two days being the same, you may be working on a tax project, you may have an assurance project to work on, you may have an ad hoc assignment to do such as a business valuation. Any of those things may weave in or out of a day, or possibly a week, and those are the kind of things that, I think, separate Cray Kaiser from a traditional firm, in the sense that you get – on the whole – more variety as a staff person and more exposure to that array of tasks.

Of the five core values at Cray Kaiser, I think the one that means the most to me is People. People clearly in the sense of our relationship with clients and those relationships. But also, people in the sense of staff and people that work here. Building those relationships, training, helping people develop in their careers – I think we’re in a relationship business, and the fact that we really make a point of saying we focus on people, I’m happy to be a part of a firm that does that.

There’s so much opportunity here, whether you want to be a Principal in a firm, whether that’s your ultimate goal or whether your goal is something completely different. There’s a lot of opportunity I’d say for really anybody looking to make their mark in public accounting.

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