Video Transcript – A Day in the Life at Cray Kaiser: Dan Swanson

My name is Dan Swanson, I am a Supervisor here at Cray Kaiser and I’ve been with the company for approximately nine years.

So here at Cray Kaiser we have five core values, and the one that continually jumps out at me is care. Care is we believe the work we do matters because of the people and businesses that it impacts. Lots of times, you know, accountants, we just deal with numbers, we’re just numbers people, right? But these are people’s businesses, this is their livelihood, so it means the world to me to make sure it’s done right, to make sure they have good solid numbers in order to make good, smart business decisions with. So, care is huge to me, you’ve got to have a high care factor working here to succeed.

A tax season typical day is, you know, we show up at the client’s offices in the morning and work there throughout the entire day. And then, when it’s tax season, we pack up our things and head back to the office. It’s very exciting, we get a lot done, but then we have a nice party at the end.

Over the past nine years here working at Cray Kaiser, my goal has always been and will continue to be getting better each and every day. The learning opportunities and the personal growth I’ve received working here has been tremendous. At the end of every year I look back at where I was the prior year, and you can just see these big growths every year. So again, it’s being a better accountant, just getting better each and every day, and it’s impossible not to while working here.

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