Cray Kaiser Employee Spotlight: Jason Hofferica

In Cray Kaiser’s Employee Spotlight series, we highlight a member of the CK team. We couldn’t be more proud of the team we’ve grown and we’re excited for you to get to know them. This month we’re shining our spotlight on Jason Hofferica.


What does Jason manage as a CK Manager? Everything from engagements to staff to the scheduling of engagement personnel and workflow management. He’s been with the firm since 2014, starting as a Senior and then becoming a Supervisor in 2016. In 2020, Jason was promoted to his current role of Manager.

Jason graduated Millikin University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Bachelor of Science in Finance. Prior to CK, he worked with small firms as well as Crowe in Oak Brook. Jason is a CPA and is currently in the final stages of obtaining his certification as a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA).

His advice for someone just getting started in the accounting industry is to not be afraid of asking questions. Jason explains, “the one thing we all have in common, from those just getting started to the partner of the firm with 35 years of experience, is that at one time we all had our first day on the job.” He believes that by asking questions and collaborating with teammates, you’ll be able to gather the knowledge and confidence to meet your goals.


Jason has always been (and still is!) excited about CK’s culture. He values the flexibility of being able to get involved in many different areas of public accounting. In his past job roles, he found that he was often limited in being able to “cross-specialize”. Thus, he found himself doing much of the same thing day to day. He feels that as a public accountant, he should be of service to the public, and that service takes many forms.

And when it comes to the CK team, Jason says that they all get along great, which makes for a positive team environment. Everyone comes to the table with different areas of expertise, so they are always leveraging each other’s knowledge in order to be trusted advisors to their clients.

When asked about his favorite CK core value, Jason chose “Care”. While he said that each value is important and they work in concert with each other, it all hinges on caring. He elaborated, “I care about my clients and their goals and I want them to see value in what they do, and I want to help them succeed.”


  • If you could be an expert at anything, what would it be and why?

    Oh, so many things. However, I really wish I would have learned drums or guitar. I played trumpet starting in grade school all the way to college, but I never tried anything else.

  • Tell us about your family.

    My wife, Jennefer, and I have three daughters: Samantha (24), Reychel (21), and Olivia (7). We also have a grandson, Parker. We were excited to finally welcome a boy to the family – I’m still outnumbered, but gaining ground!

  • What was your favorite vacation?

    Cancun or Las Vegas. We have been to Cancun twice and Vegas many times. I would love to go somewhere else warm, perhaps Hawaii, one day.
  • What’s your favorite tv show?

    My wife and I go through different “binges”. As of right now, we’re watching The Handmaid’s Tale and Lucifer.
  • What’s on your music playlist?

    A little bit of everything.