Tax Planning& Preparation

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Our tax planning and preparation team helps you make the most of seemingly contradictory tax regulations, maximizing your savings against the codes. But for Cray Kaiser, tax season isn’t a season at all. Through the year, we help you think through daily business decisions—matters ranging from equipment to real estate to personnel.

Whether we’re preparing a straightforward personal return or a complex ownership transfer, we investigate implications: What does a dollar saved or spent today mean for tomorrow? If you are the leader of a closely held or family-owned business, your personal life and professional world are connected.

Specializing in the closely held and family-owned space, we pursue your planning holistically. At every stage, we revisit the same overarching question: How can your business transactions benefit your tax picture and, by extension, your family at large?


  • Tax Planning and Consulting
  • State and Local Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Tax Compliance
  • Trusts and Estates
  • Ownership Transfers