Happy International Women’s Day from Cray Kaiser!

Every year on March 8th, International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world. At Cray Kaiser, we’re especially proud that over 50% of our staff is women, with the firm being 56% women owned. Today and every day, it’s important to us to recognize the value that women bring to the workplace. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re sharing a few thoughts from the female team members at CK:

“It’s always surprising to me to see women underrepresented in public accounting. I’m proud to work at a firm that provides a supportive environment where women thrive both personally and professionally.”
Karen K. Snodgrass, CPA | Principal

“International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate women, their uniqueness, their very many and often overlooked accomplishments, and the impact they make in our world. Throughout my career, I have seen the challenges that women go through to prove that they’ve got what it takes, just like their counterparts, to be successful. At CK, I see women living this as a reality. I’m equipped here at CK with several resources, one being a great mentoring program, with a female mentor who is committed to my career growth.”
Rolake C. Adedara, CPA | Assurance Manager

“My earliest memory of International Women’s’ Day is my dad handing a bouquet of flowers to me, my sisters, and my mom and saying, ‘to my women’. I didn’t understand exactly why, but I was very proud to be a woman at that moment. Let’s celebrate us!”
Raimonda Kesler, CPA | In-Charge Accountant

“International Women’s Day represents how far we’ve come in the accounting profession and as a society. It represents the culmination of the courage of women in business in the past and highlights the bright future ahead. I’ve had the privilege to be mentored by several extremely intelligent, hardworking, and supportive women that have made me into the auditor that I am today, and I couldn’t be more grateful.”
Kayla Daniels | Senior Assurance Accountant

“I find that having women in leadership empowers me and it shows that our opinions and thoughts are valued. It motivates me and gives me goals and attributes to strive for.”
Nicole Hughes-Durkin | Administrative Assistant

“International Women’s Day means inclusion, equality and the extinction of sexual harassment. The women in leadership at CK are the reason we have a true CK Family. Our employees know there will always be someone who will listen, understand and attempt to find the right win-win solution for all parties. Commitment, loyalty and hard work are rewarded at CK, not only with promotions and financial assets, but with heart and care. The men in our firm are confident and successful and are not threatened by powerful women. It makes for the perfect blended family.”
Cindy C. McClain, CPA | Firm Administrator/Manager

“International Women’s Day is a celebration of the achievements of women in every area: social, cultural, career, and home. I believe women are great jugglers and wear various ‘hats’ throughout the day. They think outside the box and are able to quickly respond to client needs. They are strong, career-oriented, heads of household (they make sure that the ship runs smooth), some are moms (a full-time job), teachers (during the pandemic), students, daughters tending to their parents, and the list goes on and on. Overall, women are SUPERWOMEN.”
Maribel Gonzalez | Tax Senior

“This day helps make us aware of all the achievements women have had and opens the door for future achievements for our daughters and granddaughters. The value in having women in leadership at Cray Kaiser is that there is a diversification of ideas and talents.”
– Maureen Todd | Accounting Services Specialist

“My parents raised four daughters and a son to believe we each could ‘be anything our hearts contended’. With that mindset, I have always leveraged my heart (and head) to inspire my own behaviors and contributions with the hopes of being seen as a leader. Cray Kaiser provided me a path and allowed me to create my own narrative to become a leader and be a woman in public accounting. And I’m also blessed with two of my own daughters, which makes this day extra special!  Today is a day to celebrate and connect across the world and be inspired by and with one another!”
Deanna L. Salo, CPA | Principal

From all of us at Cray Kaiser,
Happy International Women’s Day!