You’re Invited! “Ask the Expert” Tax Webinar featuring Karen Snodgrass

On Tuesday, October 6th Karen Snodgrass, CK Principal, will be joining Steward Advisors for an “Ask the Expert” tax webinar. She’ll cover timely questions such as: What are the tax implications of current law changes such as the CARES Act? What changes might occur post-election? What can we expect in 2021? What can I do to prepare?

Karen’s presentation will be followed by a discussion with Mike Kwon, Registered Investment Advisor at Steward Advisors, about how to utilize tax knowledge to your financial advantage, from tax loss harvesting to timing your retirement distributions to year-end planning.

Following the 30-minute presentation, Karen and Mike will host a 10-minute Q&A. We hope to see you there! Please click below to reserve your spot in the tax webinar.

RSVP for the 12pm Session                   RSVP for the 7pm Session