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Tax Season Internship
Applications for tax season internships are accepted during the months of May through October each year. The candidate selection process is typically finalized by October 31st.

Small Business Services Bookkeeper

Staff Accountant

Senior Accountant

Tax Senior Accountant

Supervisor Accountant

Tax Supervisor

We can’t put a name to it exactly, but at Cray Kaiser, we can very quickly spot a future member of our team. How an applicant sincerely smiles when he/she shakes our hands for the first time. How he or she talks about past experiences and client engagements. How he or she describes working in accounting and strategic services with a focus on the people and the impact. We often intuitively know when we’ve met someone who embodies our Mission, Vision and Core Values—someone who is not only a “numbers person” but, more importantly, a “people person.”

In return, we offer an atmosphere where learning and advancement are stressed at every opportunity. We give every member of our team the chance to exercise leadership skills and advance to the height of their abilities. The only limitation is the scale of their ambition. Please send resumes to